Sunday, June 24, 2018

Double Poll

Get on over to the patreon and cast your votes for what gets done next. We have two at once.

 1. Otto Fuchs: Help Otto Fuchs, beginning with settling into his new home. He seems to attract attention so this is likely not as unevenful as it sounds.

2. Sex Ed: An introduction to the Behaviour and Customs course. Learn about canine, feline, and equine behaviour in the introductory lectures. Likely to be accompanied with practical demonstrations.

3. Cynthia: Learn more about the human sniper that accompanies wolves on their hunts. Events to introduce the wolf pack and their two leaders, the Den Master and Pack Alpha.

4. Sylvia: The border collie student has (yet) another thing she would like your help with. She is searching for a certain book which she believes will help her studies. Aid her and she shall surely share some benefits.

1.  A few events with Kalgur, an orc who wandered into the Campus. See him have an incidents with frat boys and watch him change.

2. Events to further get to know Triton, Poseidon's son, potential sex at the end.

3. A few events with a new student named Jake, a Panda, who the player runs into at the dorms.

4. Events with Cryrus, a Merman the player meets first at the beach but later can have more events in Atlantis.