Sunday, March 18, 2018

Double Vote

This week is a double's week. From Vinickus, some options for you. Vote for ALL you like.
A. Adding more content for Brian: Continue to edit him, improve some of the smaller things here and there, add more story to him, more background, and further explain why he has such conflict with his newfound sexuality. All of this would also get closer to opening a potential new area down the line: the Nature Reserve.

B. Continue the Mind Flayer events in the underground lab: Start working on editing and adding to the Mind Flayer events that take place in the underground lab, and continue the story line involving the Mind Flayer and his new son.

C. Begin to develop a centaur slaver NPC in the Dry Plains that will open up a new area with a heavy slave, humiliation, ownership, and use theme. All of which will be heavily focused around Roman, Greek, and Egyptian architecture, environment and species.

D. Work on editing and adding more to Tristian the equine NPC at The Palomino.

From CrimsonAsh, vote with your heart!
Jack Rabbit: These little rabbit men have been popping up all around the city. They seem to only want to hump, mate and multiply, will you let these horny bunnies egg you or show them whose boss?

Feral Mutt Pack: After losing or winning three times against a feral mutt you may run into his pack. What happens with the pack is largely dependent on how many fights with the mutt you’ve lost or submitted to, or maybe you just feel like ‘taking on’ a pack of dogs.

Unicorn: This virginal, equine she-beast is a rare event to behold. But should you witness her in all her magnificence she has quite the gift to bestow upon you, well... maybe more than one.

Mary-Ann: Meet Mary-Ann the burly Tauress, she’s a bit of a recluse, spending much of her time hidden away outside the city. Wander into her lair and find out if this dominant Minotaur gal is more than meets the eye.