Monday, December 4, 2017

FS News - November 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for Novmber 2017.

Recruitment Drive

First of all - we do have a whole bunch of new writers, coders and editors - eager to craft new content for FS. My thanks to all of them and the awesome new content they have created.

Of course, this does not mean that the recruitment drive is over. 

If you do want to join up and contribute writing, editing, programming or artwork, please do visit the FS Discord here and contact me.

Themed Months


Besides various ongoing projects, small and large expansions of FS are being directed to one 'focus area' each month. This was the Smith Haven Mall for September, College Campus in October, Beach in November and December will be the Zoo Month. Expect more updates for that area as the month progresses.



Ancient Tome: The Tome has received some behind-the-scenes changes, ensuring that events will fire when they're supposed to, and that one event won't override the others.
Astroslide Football Field: nav point fix; football match dialogue bug fix (should now properly appear, instead of "special training")
Atlantis: Encounter a brand new city in the ocean by the beach! Atlantis is a utopian city that caters to anyone who can reach their underwater world. To get access, must have completed the trident event and either have an infection that can swim and breathe underwater or the gil fruit. Also, there is nothing sexual just yet!
Bastet: The sexy lioness has gained several more sex scenes, as well as a first talk option. Will you gain her affection or rub her indebed state in with constant demands? You decide...
Beach Events: Check out  some new events at the beach, you might see some surfers, dangerous  tides, and babes on the beach
Brennan: A new human survivor called Brennan is now out and about in the FS city. You can meet him in numerous events (the starting event chain is called "Lone Survivor") and make a friend or rival out of him. Complete with an NPC at the end of his event lines, as well as further quests to go on...
Doran: The strange dragon can now become locked in a dominant state. This path will be further expanded soon, allowing for more submissive players to thoroughly enjoy everything Doran has to offer.
Erin and Violet: adventurous rat twins can be met while exploring the beach. Making new acquaintances is always a good thing, is it not?
Female Dorms: Catch a glimpse of a sneaky student and how this might turn out for him.
Julian: One of Sylvia's friends may want to talk to you as you walk around the college.
Museum: The monkey king needs your service. Will you help him, or use the opportunity to trick him?
Nala: A naughty little imp has found the library, wanting to play tricks. It's up to you how you deal with her...
Pericles: The sexy spartan leader you met while saving (or not saving) Bjorn has been seen around the campus, maybe you could talk with him, after all he did seem interested in you when you encountered the viking. Perhaps you could also learn a bit more about him.
Shag Shack - Alyona: Spend time with Alyona, a herm feline war veteran
Shag Shack - Archer: A pheromone-ridden Great Dane has taken up refuge in the Shack, seeking attention, and a little fun.
Shag Shack - Clive: A goblin has joined the team in the Shag Shack, bringing with him a big box of toys to use on you.
Shag Shack - Dylan: A muscular minotaur has moved into the Shag Shack. You can service him or even top him, if you are strong enough.
Shag Shack - Natalie: Being very much in demand, Natalie decided to give returning players some more loving.
Soldier Events: You can now run into the containment barrier around the city, blocking your escape and allowing for some interesting observations.
Sylvia: More content for the collie, with a trip to the beach and the start of her research on the species in the city.
Thunderbolt: More action for our stallion (on the campus) including a new location for him, a fourway with the lioness sisters and solo sex scenes with the player and the horse.
Tidepool: A tidepool has opened up on the beach, tempting passersby with items lying in it. But can you grab the treasure without being trapped?
Tiger Shark Warrior: A Shark Warrior appeared on the Beach, trying to keep it safe from those Feral Sea Dragons. You can meet him for some fun, but beware if you are a sea dragon yourself.
Valsalia Artwork: The awesome artist Valsalia allowed us to use some of their artwork for the game. You'll see more of it future updates. (
Vent: The latex fox has received some minor updates and polish, fixing typos and adding subtle variations of existing scenes. He's also received some additional work to prepare for future content updates!
View Status: A new command has been added for visually impaired players.
Watsup Artwork: The awesome artist Watsup allowed us to use some of their artwork for the game. You'll see more of it in future updates. (
Zeke: A reclusive foxy game fanatic looking for someone to hang out with, and willing to share his collection.
Zephyr Personal Communicator: A mobile device with map navigation functionality (graphical) has been added to the Zephyr local branch for 350 freecred. Test it out in the mall, which already has had its maps added to the game.

Writer for Hire / Commissions


Thanks to our new and greatly increased number of writers, we are even more ready than before to fulfill any wishes for new content specific to your desires. If you are interested in commissioning us, please do contact me on the FS Discord - then we can find the right writer for your project. The going rate for hired writing is 15$/hour.



For those who want to support further development of Flexible Survival, we do have a Patreon set up. Reward options include voting on polls for choosing content additions every week, as well as character artwork or even a private project each month.


Here an example of some new FS game art, a picture of Brennan, drawn by the talented Sinealas. The new graphics windows allows us to show images like this with far more resolution in the game.

Furthermore, Watsup and Valsalia have graciously allowed us access to numerous pictures of their work, which we will integrate into FS bit by bit.