Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CrimsonAsh October Patreon Poll

Your support is allowing us to keep the polls coming, and with them, more and more content for the game! All of your pledges, big and small, count towards this, so thank you, all of you. Vote for all the ones you like! Not a patron? Click the 'Become a Patron!' link to the right and join the fun!
Mia, a new and unique short-stack doll girl has been sighted in the capitol doing 'mischievous' things.

Nala, a spry and bubbly little imp girl whom you can make your pet and fuck buddy.

A Convict Dyke has escaped from prison, and this leopardess is on the search for fresh poon to dominate.

Krix, an incredibly strong and thick she-Ogre has moved into the McDermott Farm to work as their lumberjack.

A Purple Demoness packing a little extra has been harassing students on the campus grounds...