Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Rikaeus Poll 2
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Sep 17 at 5:57pm
They did great last month and are ready for the next. Everyone give a hand for our newest but welcome member of the writing team!

Vote for all the ones you like!

Big Ocelot NPC named Oliver, a dominant version of the regular ocelot

Non Slut-Rat version of Rod whom you can sex by convincing him to forget Ronda

Stewart, a shape-shifter male harpy who's only concern is graduating college.

Expanding Scotty, the male goat from the A New Friend Event and allowing the player to further romance him.

A Sequel Murder Mystery, where the player encounters another murder involving Moreau and Nermine.

A connection between Steve and Danny, making Danny Steve's son and creating content for the two of them together.