Monday, July 3, 2017

FS News - June 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for June.

Alexandra: New artwork has been added to the game for bad Alexandra, giving you a bit of eye candy for the sexy bitch.
Branson & Partner Offices: Just north of the mall, an office building serves as the base for a powerful crocodile who has plans for the city. He could use a henchma- err... assistant to help with that.
Eric: The college athlete can now find a strange tome in the library. Will you let him keep it and wake the powers slumbering within?
Forest Events: The cuckoos are at it again. See their newest antics in the Avian Tent.
Helen: There is now an option to take the human dog to a fun walk on the beach.
Katya the orc: A female orc has been sighted, living alone in an off the path camp out in the dry plains. Beware, she doesn't like visitors!
Kobaloon: A new monster now roams the state fair.
Shag Shack: This brothel has just opened in a former mattress store just east of the mall, offering varied partners for your enjoyment.
Sven: Confident Sven has gotten an expansion of his sex menu, as well as a meeting event for Eric and him.
Urik:  You can now walk in on Urik grabbing Candy the raccoon, carrying him off to pound the boy-toy.

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