Saturday, May 6, 2017

FS News April 2017

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again with the Flexible Survival News for April.


Alexandra: If you allowed Fang to breed the bad dobie bitch, earning you the 'cuckold' feat, Alexandra will continue to fuck around with the wolf. As a followup, she can even go for (good) Brutus if you have him along as you enter the library - using the player as a clothes attendant while she gets a demonic fucking.
Chris the Orc: Orc Warrior Chris has all new scenes for being dominant over the player. They are unlocked by letting him fuck you a few times.
Danny the Mall Rat: Danny has a new quest for you - a photo safari. If you help him out, this unlocks his well-filled sex menu. (The quest becomes available after you've been in the christmas village at least once)
Eric Fix: Added in a missing variable adjustment so Eric should chat without bugs now.
Giant Fix: There should no longer be impregnation prompts after oral sex with the giant now.
Giraffe Gender Pronouns Fix: The giraffe should now have the proper female pronouns.
Gorilla Football Team: There is now a quest to try out for the team, allowing you either to make it or become laundry/water boy/girl for the gorillas.
Grizzly Description Fix: Grizzly's will now actually wear ragged pants so they can take them off in the sex scenes.
Horseman Farmhands: The horsemen workers (mostly anthro Clydesdale Studs, but also some other breeds and even a Zebra) on the farm now can be taken up on having sexy times with them. Includes a fun bukkake scene and a full-on gangbang. You can also peek in through a window from the central farm square and see one guy showering.
Hungry Dog: We now have a man-eating giant German Shepherd in the city. Meet him in a special event for vore enthusiasts (extra content in combination with the shrinking shrooms - see below).
Shrinking Shrooms: There is now a little mushroom cave to be found, allowing players to pick shrinking mushrooms - which will reduce anyone eating them temporarily to about 3-4 inches of height. This opens up new possibilities for those of you interested in size difference, vore or unbirth scenes. If someone wants to commission such fun with a partner of their choice (or join up and write it themselves), the shrooms allow scenes pretty much anywhere and with anyone now.
Susan the Deer: Now the deer won't just run away if you have the female preferred listed in your feats. She also now has a proper sex menu, with extra new options to turn her into a more buck-like version herself and have the doe as the top.
Tentacle Horror Fix: Getting pregnant after a tentacle encounter should now lead to a more "normal" pregnancy with tentacle spawn.
Urik: The big green brute now has a new sex scene - you can bone him from behind (both in the library as well as the orc lair).

Writer for Hire:

Defth - Patreon Commission - Husky Vore (0/8h)
Defth - Patreon Commission - Alexandra Soft Vore (0/4h)
Wahn - Patreon Hours - Bunker/Library Interactions (0/5h)
Wahn - Patreon Hours - Ryousei Sex Scenes (0/5h)
Wahn - Patreon Commission - Female Orc (0/4h)
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