Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hot Bovine Action!

I'm back with another update on the new content added to the game.  We've got some new fun with existing characters and a brand new NPC.  The two headliners deal with big bovine studs.  Amazingly, my queue seems to be almost clear, though I know I've got some more big requests looming on the horizon.

- Tiny Tim: There's now a series of scenes involving the player topping Camp Bravo's minotaur.  To have the option appear in Sgt Alexander's menu, you'll need to partake in some of the camp's other content.  You'll also have to be human-sized or larger and have a large (10+) cock.
- Bradford: A new bull Bounty Hunter you can meet while exploring the RLD and he's willing to cut you in on a few small bounty missions he's been commissioned to do.  After a pair of these, he'll be open for some sexy times, though he's mainly an M/F kind of guy.
- Dom Icarus: He's back with 3 additional basement scenes (1 being for avian-pred players only).
- Snow: Triggering for the Wild Squirrels event has been tweaked, making the skill rolls a little easier.  Should you notice the trap in advance, fleeing is now optional.
- Latex Ermine: In a bit of mutual bribery, I've added a broad set of endings to this infection after Anymouse1968 made art of these sexy ermine girls (see next).  Variations are based on gender and being pure or not.

- Latex Ermine: A spontaneous art gift, Anymouse1968 has done six colour variations for these sexy ermines - 5 for the roaming monsters and another in the player's indigo colour.  The latter will appear as part of pure Latex Ermine endings (with breasts).
- Lamia: New Patreon-sponsored art of the sexy mistress of the hospital's maternity ward and also done by Anymouse1968.  It can also be seen on the Patreon page.

Removed Content:
- Reservoir and some background events have been removed temporarily due to space limitations.

Writer For Hire update:

  • More Bradford (0/2) - Stripes
  • Rane/Eric (18.5/20) - Wahn
  • Chris Reservation (0/5) - Wahn
  • Caveman Reservation (0/5) - Wahn