Monday, April 13, 2015

Ye Olde Update Tyme

I'm back to fill you all in on the new additions to the game.  Wahn's back to writing and while there's only a few new things from him at the moment, he assures me there'll be more on the way soon.  Blue Bishop's also got some material in and active, with loads more to come once the last bits are ready - he'll make a more complete announcement for all of that soon(tm).

Micaela: A new NPC you can meet in the Urban Forest, this Easter Bunny herm can be met when you come across a stash of her Easter Eggs.  There's a bit more to come, but her dialog, sex scenes and infection are up.
Sidney: Another new NPC, this soldier would like your assistance in making his dream of becoming a woman true.  Being a new multi-form NPC, the player has the choice of helping him take on one of three female forms.  Just the event and description stuff for now.  Post-tf sex'll come soon.
Lindsey: As a Patreon reward, some new scenes have been added for MPreg players.  These'll show up for Wolftaurs and other taurs once you've been suitably trained by the dom wolftaur.  MPreg succumb endings have also been added to the Wolftaur infection.
Alt-Vore: There are now special scenes for the player consuming a Bald Eagle, Hawkman or Gazelle.  Another general feet-first version has been added as well.  The Gazelle is a feet-first, so it'll only appear after you've had your first feet-first meal.
Alt-Vore: A fan (the commissioner of the above) wrote a pair of scenes for consuming a Messy Pig, varying based on player gender.  Since one's feet-first, they also won't appear until after that eating mode's unlocked.
Garrett: An option for a TG scene with defeated herm gryphons if you've got a bottle of gryphon cum.
Artwork: More creature art has been added to the game, courtesy of Anymouse1968.  They include: Bovine (F), Ewe, Mental Mouse, Pink Poodle, Bear and a Friendship Pony.  Also, some are that had been added but wasn't appearing has been fixed: Herm Latex Vixen and two versions of the Feline (F).

Gabriel: The tamed angel now has a sex menu, allowing for repeat fun with him.
Brutus & David: Lots of fun with those two in the works... just a little bit more time and the completed block will be put in the game.

Blue Bishop:
Yamato Dragons: Player victory and revamped endings added.  Fuller details to come when the rest of the material is rolled out.

A massive load of hot, sticky typo corrections all across the board.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Doran (0/3) - Blue Bishop
  • Easter Bunny (8/10) - Stripes
  • Multi-Option NPC (7.5/11) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (0/3.75) - Stripes
  • Stables (0/3) - Stripes
  • Brutus + David (37/40) - Wahn
  • Orcs (0/6) - Wahn
  • Nermine (0/3) - Wahn
  • Lucifer/Ferals (0/6) - Wahn
  • Denise NPC (0/6) - Wahn