Tuesday, January 20, 2015


And it's time again for another overdue update post on the additions to the game.  First off though, a key bug correction has been made, so all versions of the game have been pushed forward to Jan 18th, meaning that nearly everything listed here is live in all versions.

Hadiya (Jan 2-18): The red hyena, after having had lots of sex with you, will finally reveal she's at the junkyard looking for her guitar and wants her new bitch (you) to go find it.  This opens up some new material, finally moves her to the Library and provides a new NPC.  She's also been added to the saveword.  The bug correction concerns this quest, so you may experience problems unless you're in the newest version.  Be sure to save and restart in the new release.  Endings to come.
Leon (Jan 4): A new M/M scene set with Leon's been added, bringing with it a potential game-over scene from humanity loss.  Improved endings to come.
Plush Lion (Jan 3): The game-over scene for the vore loss scene's been corrected.
Scavenging (Dec 16): Having an intimidating pet (Felinoid, Brutus or Liliana) will give a bonus to negotiation-based scavenging checks.

Blue Bishop:
Phantom Dolphin (Jan 9): A discarded dolphin found at the entrance to the bouncy castle provides a new source of bound-state fun and may also affect your rolls against the castle's other traps.

Boghrim (Dec 17): Players in orc warrior shape can now have more fun with him and his favorite slave Jason - including fucking the big green brute if they show their strength during a hunting trip.
Brutus + David (Jan 18): The relationship of these two is progressing into its next phase, as starnge urges welll up in Brutus. An important story-fork for that is in the works, with the start of the dominant path started, the 'loving' path prepared but yet to be written.
Gabriel (Jan 18): After wearing him down through repeated fucks out in the red light district, you can now take him home as a subby pet.
Nermine (Jan 18): Nermine's code has been reshuffled a bit, fitting her with a talk menu that should allow easier communications with her through the multiple questlines that run through the magic shop.
Fixes (Jan 18): Some fixes (typo and otherwise) for Sonya, Boghrim and the Spidertaur.

Others: - Big thanks to both!
Strongbird: As always, more typo correction... but massively so this time.
Samsquatch: Has been doing extensive Wiki updates, recently focused on NPC/NPC-quest material.

Please note, the unknowns below indicate partial work done and I will provide an assessment later.  If you're a donor, please cross-check this.  Thanks.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Bonus Hrs - SBL (4.0/6.5) - Stripes
  • More Leon M/M (3/4) - Stripes
  • Hadiya Quest (9.5/11) - Stripes
  • Knight & Squire (??/15) - Stripes
  • Doran (0/3) - Blue Bishop
  • Endo-vore bound state (??/8) - Blue Bishop + Stripes
  • Various (0/2) - Stripes
  • Icarus/Yolanda (0/4) - Stripes
  • Bonus Hrs - Various (0/3) - Stripes
  • Remaining 2014 Bonus Hours (0/9)  - Wahn
  • Tiger NPC (0/1)  - Wahn
  • Brutus + David (2.5/20)  - Wahn
  • 2015 Bonus Hours (0/3)  - Wahn