Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Content Announcement

Here's another update on the additions to the game.  Several items done or mostly done out of my queue.  Wahn's been busy with a new RL job, so he's delayed with that transition.  His planning and progress has continued, but nothing released yet.

Alexandra (Nov 14): Talking to Jimmy a day or more after rescuing the survivors should allow you to go back to check for any stragglers.  Only available on the playthrough during which you did the rescue.
Onyx (Nov 14): If you've got the Dominant feat, you can now choose to make Onyx into a submissive male at bunker when first introducing him to sex.
Hawkman (Nov 16): Some additional M/M content's been added to these guys, with an additional variation to both player loss and player victory.
Grizzly Bear (Nov 14): Endings should now be appearing.
Flesh Blob (Nov 15): Tweaks and small expansions to some of the scenes.

Blue Bishop & Stripes:
Lamia (Nov 15): A maternity lamia's been added to the Hospital staff.  Watch out, she's high level, milk laden and very affectionate.

A bunch more typos fixes throughout the game.  Thanks again for the help with this.

Writer For Hire update:
  • Lamia (6.25/8) - Blue Bishop/Stripes
  • Stables (0/5) - Stripes
  • Alexandra (1.25/5) - Stripes
  • Oct Bonus Hrs (0/6.5) - Stripes
  • (13/20) Erica/Sonya/Angie - Wahn
  • (0/?) Angel Reservation - Wahn
  • (0/14) Orcs - Wahn
  • (0/20) Brutus - Wahn
  • (0/9) September Bonus Hours - Wahn
  • (0/9.5) Oct Bonus Hours - Allocation in progress