Friday, August 1, 2014

Help Wanted - Join the FS team!

Hi everyone, this is Wahn again. I wanted to spread the word that we are always open for new writers to join in and contribute to Flexible Survival. All you really need is some creativity, the ability to write legible sentences and openness to learn pretty basic coding (we can help with that). Please note that your contributions do not necessarily need to be only sexual in nature, there is lots of room for quests, events and NPCs that give the game world some extra depth. Flexible Survival is flexible and open to a myriad of possibilities which you can help add to and expand upon, if you've got the ideas and the inclination to help us out. Given the continued growth in interest, we could use the help of some dedicated fans in satisfying all our eager players. So should you just want to make a personal project or two for the game or would like to join our oddball team of writers in making loads of kinky fun, we look forward to hearing from you.

Once you have proven yourself in the eyes of the players and found people who'd like to see more of your work, you are of course also welcome to take part of the "Writer For Hire" program - with Stripes and myself being pretty fully booked these days, we could really use more people with whom interested parties can inquire for commissions. So join us, show your skills and potentially earn some cash while doing something you enjoy.

Edit: Anyone interested, please make a forum account and we can make contact there. I've made a "New Writer Check-In" post here.