Friday, July 25, 2014

Poll Results

What, already? Yep, apparently SurveyMonkey has a limit of 100 answers unless you want to pay up for the service, who knew?!(not me, obviously).

The results: Many people do not feel updates have increased in speed. Many people do feel updates have become larger. Roughly 60% of people are not bothered by the new system, 40% are. Over 50% of voters believe Flexible Survival updates more often than other games of its type, and only 17% believe it is slower.

Most comments were along the lines of understanding why the sub system exists, or complaining about technical issues(We can't answer your problems in the poll! Head on over to the forum!).

There were a few requests about having a separate page, but that would require a more stratified free and not-free version, instead of the rolling timer we have going right now. Which reminds me, we hit some 100 levels, so let's kick things forward a few days.

Thanks for voting!