Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Report

This was an incredible month for the singleplayer, with becoming open source. We've gotten some real talented content producers on board that have made their dirty fantasies into gaming reality!

Donations on the multiplayer were almost unbelievably awesome, a big thank you to all my multi-peeps. I did get some contributions from singleplayers(To the tune of about $150), and a thank you to each of them.

Next Target Student Loan:
My next loan to be bashed is now at $925.94, at 5.35% interest I managed to beat it down by $1,007 last month.

April Donations: 2,274
May Donations: 1,806
June Donations: 2,245
July Donations: 3,267

Proving that you can make a living by doing what you love! Here's to another month of more awesome things.