Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning Everyone

Home sick, sniff.

But while I'm stuck here being headachey, I'm tinkering with the multiplayer, which can now produce descriptions of things much like the Inform game does.

An example:
Looking over XXXXX, their body is covered in Red and white Latex flesh. Their head is A mixture of canine and human, in a perpetual sneer of exposed teeth. Their body is Largely human, with only faint hints of beastial physique. They have 2 heavy C cup sized breasts. Their arms are charmingly human. Their legs are charmingly human. A private peek would reveal that they have: They have a large maleness, measuring 10 inches.  They have golf ball sized balls. They have a average cunt. With mild effort, it can stretch to 6 inches long and 4 inches around.

The ability to throw in  new infections with descriptions is present and easy to do without coding experience of any sort.

I think the next thing to do is to work out starting the game, and finding critters to fight and be infected by.