Flexible Survival (Singleplayer)

 Ways to Play

  • Flexible Survival: Installer (Windows)
  • Raw files, play with your own choice of interpreter: Flexible Survival
    Usable Interpreters for Windows: WinGit, Fotz, ...
    Usable Interpreters for Mac: Splatterlight, Gargoyle, Zoom, ...
    Usable Interpreters for Android: Fabularium

    Note: When a new update comes out, just grab the raw file above and switch it out with the one you already have. Save files are version specific, to transfer over your playthrough process, click the "export progress" button within the game, then once you have the new version open "import progress" (this might take a few minutes)

  • Raw files for older games in a similar scenario: Flexible Society, Flexible Infection

  • New Godot Version(Very much a work in progress, not much here yet!): Play in Browser, Download for Android, Download for Mac, Download for Windows, or Download for Linux
  • Game Resources