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Sandra remains a loyal friend and affectionate lover to you for the rest of your days, remaining at your side.
Eventually, she grows round and plump, and bears you a child. The child emerges with rabbit ears, male, and adorable. The child grows up loving the both of you and are raised with fierce protectiveness
Strength: 17, Dexterity: 13, Stamina: 12, Charisma: 12, Perception: 13, Intelligence: 10.
Humanity: 61/100, Morale: 3, HP: 29/29 Libido: 41/100, Hunger: 23/100, Thirst: 32/100.

Looking over yourself, your body is covered in furry flesh. You have a curiously disquieting smile on a pretty human face. Your body is is bent into a whole new shape, with the body of a black panther attached at your midsection, extending out behind you with four powerful paws. All your breasts except the first two rest on the chest of that lower torso, swaying with each step.. You have a long, black, feline tail that likes to curl and uncurl at its own whim.A private peek shows you to have: You have a foot long black sheathed cock nestled between your legs. It is 14 inches long and hanging underneath it are hand filling sized balls. You have a cleft nestled between your legs. It is 13 inches deep and can stretch to 9 around.
You have 4 starting with basketball G cup breasts.  The first two curve out 7 inches from your chest. The second two curve out 4 inches from your chest. You are carrying: a watch and a backpack
You have achieved a score of 253.
This rates you as College Student
You emerge from your harrowing experience with your mind intact, with your Panther Taur form and Goo Girl face.
Your extreme masculine attributes prove to be more than a little awkward. As society puts itself back together, you do find a niche. Others, changed as you, require the services of such studs, and you never lack for something to do on the weekends.
Your unnatural black furred flesh makes you stand out in a crowd. You find it difficult to keep friends outside of other infected, even after you're declared safe for contact.

Here is my ending. It's pretty large though, lol.

Looking over yourself, your body is covered in black feathered and silver furred skin. Your face is that of a crow.  You have a black beak and sharp eyes, but a pair of vulpine ears as well. Your body is an unusual amalgamation of corvid and vulpine.  Your upper body is predominantly avian, with large wings at your back, taloned hands like a bird.  Meanwhile, your lower body is more vulpine, with fox-like legs and footpaws. You have a fluffy fox tail attached to your rear.  It is silver-furred with ebon feathers forming its darker tip.
A private peek shows that you have a well-built 10-inch-long ebon maleness.  It is erect and leaking precum.  Underneath it hang large balls.
Accompanying you, you have a level 7 Exotic Bird. In Scenario: Forgotten, You have achieved a score of 2205.
You emerge from your harrowing experience with your mind intact, with your Vulpogryph form and Vulpogryph face.
Your unnatural black feathered and silver furred flesh makes you stand out in a crowd. You find it difficult to keep friends outside of other infected, even after you're declared safe for contact.
     After your rescue, you are able to convince the distracted military that the helper dog isn't a threat.  He certainly seems quite normal to them and is an intelligent and helpful animal.  Once you arrive at the safety of the military compound and disembark with the others extracted with you, you spot Hobo in the distance.  He looks back at you once and, as if satisfied you are now safe, turns and continues on, perhaps to find another poor soul in need of his help.
When the military comes through, you are taken in by the army.  In the chaos of trying to deal with so many infected, you receive little scrutiny and your false identity is not questioned.  After you are cleared, you start to settle into your new life, occasionally hearing from Dr Mouse and helping the underground scientist with 'samples' when needed.  He continues his research, selling his enhancements and customized strains to the highest bidder.  Occasionally, he has a new one for you.  It is always something subtle that will go unnoticed, but helps you in your new life.
     When the military finally rescue you from the city, you make sure to let them know about Angie and her large feline friend back at the zoo, however, you learn later that when the soldiers finally arrived at the gift shop, the two of them were nowhere to be found. Settling into your new life outside the city, you sometimes find yourself wondering if the two of them ever made it out of the city, or if they are still hiding somewhere in the quarantined urban maze. Wherever they are, you are sure they are enjoying their changes thoroughly as a happily mated pair of panther herms...
     When the military forces move in to rescue survivors, Candy is taken out with you and the others.  You try to keep an eye on him, but being surrounded by sexy soldier boys is too much for the raccoon.  Behind your back, he makes out with several of the soldiers and officers.
     When you are leaving the compound, you can't help but notice that they were starting to get a little more effeminate themselves and you suspect there'll be a few more girly coons running around the base soon enough.  Your suspicions are later confirmed when you catch the coon on the phone talking to one of them.  It seems he got phone numbers from his lovers on the base and maintains phone contact with them.  The army quickly finds itself with a platoon of horny, girly raccoons in a rainbow of colours in their ranks.  When not entertaining his many soldier lovers, the coon is always willing to enjoy your company and you fill his willing muzzle or ass on several occasions.
     Denise and Candy seem to get along well, and one day you return home to be greeted with beautiful singing and amazing dancing by your two friends.  You are so impressed, you urge them to continue working on music and choreography, and privately wonder if you should take this show on the road, and how to do so without breaking certain decency laws.
     After you freed her from the doorway where you found her, Christy's eggs eventually hatch.  Caring for her children helps to mellow out her lust enough for her to learn how to control it.  Her children grow up to be fine dragons and she loves them dearly, even after they start kidnapping princesses.  She never discovers that you were the one who knocked her up before freeing her.  Her dragon offspring permit you to visit the dragoness from time to time and she eagerly accepts your lustful advances now.
Rescued from the city with your mind intact, you meet Diego again in the military camp, the coyote bitch being picked on by several of the soldiers for all the tricks she pulled on them.  Unable to just let it happen, you stand up for your bitch, and shame the soldiers into leaving her alone.  Diego is extremely relieved to see you, and is glad to let you know that she has been the model of a good coyote bitch while she waited for you to return and claim her. The military is more then eager to release the two of you together, practically shoving you out of the camp in an attempt to get the tricky coyote as far away from them as possible.  The situation makes you grin as you head out with Diego to try to figure out how to fit into the world after your experiences in the city. Though soon it is obvious that some of your playing around in the city bore fruit, as Diego is soon beginning to show evidence of the fruits of your labors with the heat filled coyote. She eagerly moves in with you when you eventually find a place to stay, and quickly begins devoting that crafty mind of hers to find way to better increase your standing in your new life.  Soon though, your strange little family is enlarged by a new litter of coyote pups,  and Diego's attention is diverted to her new role as a happy mother,  although she does start dropping hints about wanting to be "claimed" again sometime soon...
Rescued from the city, you manage to convince Denise to come with you as you make your way out into the new world, her shy demeanor makes it somewhat easy for you to keep her with you as you try to settle in to your new life.  Eventually she becomes happy settling in wherever you are, though she does manage to accumulate a large variety of music, which she often listens to wistfully.
     Finally rescued by the military with your mind intact, you bring Sarah along with you, and while some of the military are worried about her obvious feral tendencies, you manage to reassure them that she is properly in hand.  It doesn't hurt that they have bigger concerns than a personal pet of a survivor, and so you make your way out  into the world with your new slutty pet at your side. You soon find having your own personal husky slut is an even better thing now that you are in the outside world again, as she welcomes you home eagerly every night, and takes care of all the chores. Being a good little pet as you make new friends and meet new people, she is happy to help you out whenever you bring them over to "meet" her. Eventually you feel like rewarding her with a companion, and pick up a normal husky dog to keep her company, a nice strong male one both for her pleasure and your own, as you find yourself enjoying watching the formerly bright paramedic eagerly going down on all fours for a purebred husky stud, moaning and yipping underneath the dog like a proper bitch.  She seems even happier as her belly grows round with husky puppies again and again, and while you sell some of them to breeders, you enjoy keeping several of them around the house, looking forward to when they grow up and you can have a full pack of slutty huskies at your disposal.
     You were able to smuggle your pups with Sarah out of the city under the military's nose, and while they grow they can become somewhat of a strain to keep fed, you enjoy watching them grow into strong little huskies.  You make sure to train them all properly when they are young, the males and females both, to insure they know their proper roles as well trained husky sluts for anyone who wants them.  And soon you have a number of good homes lined up for them to go live in, where they can serve their own masters and owners just as loyally as your own husky bitch serves you.  Your slutty "kennel service" does well and helps cover the expenses of your busy household.
     When rescued by the military, having Coleen as a pet stood you in good stead, as she knew just the best way to make sure they let you all go easily. She seems slightly sad when you leave the military base and the remnants of her old life, but is very happy to be a nice pet for you just like Sarah is.  You enjoy having her with her, although two lusty little husky sluts around the house can be a bit much to keep up with sometimes, and eventually come up with a great idea to make sure everyone is properly happy. After a bit of time to train her properly and prepare her, you call up one of the more important military men that Coleen used to know, and he seems curious enough to come over for dinner one night.  You make sure to make it a night to remember, as you offer your guest every courtesy, including the use of your teasing little husky pet, which after several hours of her heat filled scent teasing him, he decides to accept.
     The general is surprised to discover after a very long night filled with amazing sex, that the husky pet you lent him actually used to be the soldier he knew as Coleen, and moreover that she was happy and excited to be a little husky slutpet.  You spend some time explaining to him how she thought of him when she realized that it was kind of hard on you to maintain a house with so many needy pets, and that she was wondering if he would like to be her new owner.  While surprised at the situation and the offer, he soon agrees to take her in as his pet, persuaded by her expertly trained tongue and needy slit, the situation making you smile even as he leads his new pet off with a leash.  You just know he will be back to visit again soon, and if you ever need anything from him, his pet will certainly help you convince him to agree, and she will certainly enjoy her time back underneath a military man, you think with amusement as you turn back to enjoy your own husky pet.
Sandra remains a loyal friend and affectionate lover to you for the rest of your days, remaining at your side after you are all rescued from the infected city.  Sandra visits with Coleen often as well, always looking forward to playing with the horny puppy.  She even ends up adopting one of Coleen's many pups, raising him to be an obedient and loyal sex pet.  Eventually, she grows round and plump, and bears you a child.  The child emerges with rabbit ears, male, and adorable.  The child grows up loving the both of you and is raised with fierce protectiveness.
     Snow settles down after being rescued.  She turns to you for affection more consistently, and eventually asks to be your girl(boy?) friend.  She is a wonderfully friendly and helpful companion, always willing to help you out on a project or making repairs to your home.  Snow approaches Sandra one day when you are out. When you come back, Sandra has a silly expression on her face and Snow looks pleased. After that day, the two are very close friends and begin to act openly affectionate with one another, often dragging you into their play.  Snow eagerly bears children for you over time, enjoying the expansive effect each kit has on her already huge bustline.
     When the military comes, you worry about how they'll react to Fang.  He's been quite loyal and not caused any trouble, but his beastial form distresses the soldiers.  As the squad leader moves up to tell you the wolf can't come, Fang pads quietly in front of you and sits down.  Clearing his throat, he starts talking with some difficulty.  In anticipation of this moment, it's clear to you he's spent some time among the library stacks reading in preparation.   With his clearly rational arguments (albeit cribbed from the philosophy section), he's able to plead his case well enough to join you.  While two soldiers remain with guns trained on him, the rest of the squad moves on to inspect and search the rest of the building.  You quietly pat the wolf's head before going along to show them the rest of the place.  Needing no more recognition, his tail wags once and he sits patiently waiting to join you in your new life as you home's loyal guardian and your secret lover.
     Sandra, thankful to the big wolf for helping to keep everyone safe in the bunker, is always very kind to the big wolf when she comes to visit.  Often, during visits or get-togethers at your place, you'll find that the bunny's quietly slipped away.  Always knowing where you'll find her, you'll check and see her safely beneath the big wolf, getting his large, red cock stuffed into her cunt.  The bunny's tummy grows large after one of these visits and she eventually gives birth to a pair of wolf cubs with bunny ears and a tail.  These quiet, taciturn boys are never lacking in companionship, always having numerous lovers drawn in by the strong bodies and brooding nature, eager to bend over for them.
     As the soldiers are moving into the city to rescue those they can, Solstice comes up and tells you that she'll need to split for a bit and meet up with you later.  As an "adventurer", she explains, some people in authority may not take to kindly to her track record with certain international governments or legal technicalities.  She flashes you the contents of her backpack, filled with so many shinies that your half-corvid heart flutters with excitement.  With that, she gives you a loving kiss and a grope, promising to get in touch with you once you're released.
     After you're cleared by the military and given a treatment that you can already feel fading against your magically-enhanced infection, you set yourself up in a temporary household, knowing that your mate will be coming once the heat's died down.  And true enough, she ends up at your doorstep a few weeks later.  After some lustful lovemaking to celebrate your happy reunion, you start making plans and move into Solstice's lovely home.  While not quite a mansion, it's certainly quite luxurious and has plenty of space for her new mate to move in, as well as any guests you may wish to have over to enjoy your company.
     You start accompanying Solstice on her expeditions, making them much more successful with someone to watch her back.  It doesn't hurt as well that the protection of archeological sites and musuems are rather low on most authority's lists in the new, chaotic world.  Your home is soon filled with lovely antiquities and you are quite rich from the funds you gain from private sales to interested collectors.  You always have loads of fun on these expeditions and always celebrate the wonderful sex when you get home.  Soon, there's a healthy nest of vulpogryph pups running through the halls.
After your rescue, you manage to convince the distracted military that the little fox isn't a threat, and he comes with you out into your new life.  Being a mostly wild creature, he doesn't really fit in anywhere that you take him however, and so eventually you decide to find a wilderness preservation to release him into, where you hear there are several other foxes for the little fellow to play with.  Several years later though, you are surprised to find someone has left another little baby fox at your door while you slept, a roughly scrawled note just says "thanks mom," with a little paw mark in the corner.
Back in the outside world, the cat you found in that strange city seems to enjoy following you around and proves to be a nice companion to have around when he isn't wandering the streets at night with other cats.  He seems mostly unaffected by the nanites that infested the city, although you swear he seems much smarter then normal cats, and you even think you have seen him using keys and manipulating objects with his paws on occasion.  At one point he seems to take a strong fancy to one of your nearby neighbors, as she lavishes him with attention every time she gets a chance it is obvious she returns his affections.  About a month or so later after a long night out your little house cat brings home a finely marked lady cat, and under the influence of his stare you take her in to care for as well.  A few days later you find that the neighbor your cat was so fond of seems to have gone missing entirely, though there are signs that a few cats got into her apartment recently.  Your little house cat stares at you innocently as you look at him and his fine new lady suspiciously, realizing the new cat was surprisingly comfortable with you and knew the layout of your place immediately. Still with no proof one way or another, you take care of your little cat and his obviously freshly pregnant lady friend.  Though you find yourself wondering sometimes just what gifts the nanite laced city left your cat, as well as just what all he does wandering about the streets at night that he always seems so smug in the morning.... you have seen more cats around lately.  Mostly though, you find yourself wondering what you are going to be doing with his impending kittens, and if they will inherit whatever abilities he has gained...
After your rescue, you take the bird you rescued to several specialists, who are amazed to find that a member of its rare species survived the city, and they thank you profusely for your help in bringing it back safely.  Impressed at your ability to get the bird to trust you, not only do they offer you a reward for saving your bird friend, but they ask you to stop by occasionally not just to visit your now happy bird friend, but also to ask questions about any other strange birds and species you might have encountered in the city.
     When the military comes to rescue you and the other survivors they can find, Honey is able to come with you.  Her small, girlish looks and her cute offer of honey from her precious bag wins over the gruff soldiers.  As you're heading off, she grins and winks playfully to you, acting like an innocent little girl in front of the soldiers.  A sample of the honey is tested just to be safe, but it is clean and non-infectious, as you already know.  Honey keeps up her little girl act, claiming to be orphaned (which is true enough), and is released into your custody.
     When you set up your new life, Honey takes over a disused shed near your home and starts turning it into a new hive.  With the royal jelly she hid at the bottom of her bag, she transforms herself into a new queen and gathers herself some new bee girl drones.  Honey, now voluptuous and womanly, is a frequent lover of yours.  You spent many a sunny day in her hidden hive with attention lavished on you both by her and her many lovely and lustful drones.