Monday, March 3, 2014

More Fun Stuff

We're back with another batch of updates, this time hitting a variety of fields.  But before that, we're into a new month and you have earned another 4 bonus hours from donations.  We'll be applying those to the suggestions you've made during last month's request for ideas.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Athanasia: Her sex scene selection has been tweaked to allow easier progression.  After you've had hot volcano lovin' at least twice, talking to her can activate a Salamander raid on her nest.  Once the raids have been successfully stopped, she'll use a sex menu to grant you access to your preferred scenes.
Newt: Upon defeating the raiding Salamanders, you'll have to option of collecting this new NPC.  On top of regular sex scenes, she's got several variations for threesome fun.
Kristen: With her transformation progressing further, Kristen's getting desperate.  Also, as suggested by someone in the forums, the blouse is now an object and giving it to Kristen is optional.
Alexandra: The Doberwoman cop wants help doing some repairs on the Police Station.

Latex Mistress: The creature's had her player loss content expanded with a few variations.
Saveword: Kristen, Brooke, Bubble, Newt, Phi Iota Gamma, Stella, the Down Under Pub and Gillian have all been added to the saveword system.

Awaiting response on the details, but here's a quick summary.
Carl & Xerxes: A scene between these two.
Ares & Xerxes: Walk in the park.
Helen: Pregnant by Carl ending add-on.
Save/Saveword links.  Also saving the Orcs.
Carl & Fang: Repeatable scenes.
Naga: Expanded victory/loss scene content.

Blue Bishop:
Herm Dolphin: Attempting to claim victory sex is now optional.
Sarah: New endings for non-pet Sarah have been created.
Wrestling Wolf: His damage has been downgraded to a more reasonable, but still powerful, level.

Yuppy Mink: These snobby minks are now in the Warehouse District and are looking for some distraction while their yachts are blockaded by the navy's ships.

Writer For Hire update:
  • D6: New F NPC (8/10)
  • D6: Athanasia+ (11.5/14) 
  • Alexandra (4.25/10) 
  • Zigor Gangbang - (0/2)
  • More M/M - (0/4)
  • Bonus Hours - (0/4)